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ZoloWear CLASSIC Cotton Baby Sling

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SKU:  3340100

This product is proudly made in the USA.
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ZoloWear's CLASSIC baby sling is certainly a fashion statement. Their eye-catching prints and gender neutral solids blend with everything in your closet. 97% cotton sateen, 3% stretch lycra hugs your baby and your body comfortably. One piece patch pocket, zipper closure. Crafted with pride in Texas. Includes a free interactive instructional DVD.

How do I know which size sling I need?

  • Baby should ride as high and tight as possible to maximize the wearer's comfort. For this reason, it is imperative to get a good fit. Baby's bottom should be in the sling zone.
  • ZoloWear slings are sized for adults. They are not women’s sizes, so an average sized woman may wear a small sling. Please use the chart and/or measure to determine your size. Do not use your preferred clothing size as a guide when choosing your sling, as clothing sizes vary among brands.
  • There is 3” difference between sling sizes. Pouches are available in 1" increments.
  • For more precise fitting slings and pouches, measure across the front of your body from the tip of your shoulder to the middle of your opposite mid-hip (in the sling zone.)
  • Use these tables to find your ZoloWear size:

I’m 5’4” and 115 lbs, and my husband is 6’-2" tall and 220 lbs. Can we share the same sling?

  • Like an article of clothing, you can share the same sling, but it won’t fit both of you well. You will need to purchase a sling that is large enough for your husband (a size large), which will make it really large on you (a size small). It doesn’t work to compromise on a medium.
  • If your sling is too small, the pocket will get caught in the rings.
  • If your sling is too big, the tail will hang down to your knees and the pocket will swing into your leg when you have it filled with stuff.
  • For an ideal fit, the pocket should be centered on the tail, which should end around the top of your leg.

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