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SlingEZee Baby Sling with DVD

SlingEZee Baby Sling with DVD

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SlingEZee® baby slings keep you in contact with your baby for great bonding while enjoying the use of your hands. The Design collection is filled with wonderful 100% cotton fabrics for you to choose from. They are padded in both the shoulders and the rails. This padding allows you to wear it longer and makes it softer where it wraps around your baby. The right fit is essential, so SlingEZee offers 5 sizes. See why SlingEZee is a breastfeeding mom’s favorite tool and the fussy baby’s place of comfort.

If you are new to baby slings or are looking for more information on how to carry your babyin a sling, a copy of the SlingEZee Instructional DVD is included with each SlingEZee. 

Care is also very simple. Just wash in warm water using regular detergent without fabric softener. Air dry.

Size Chart
Find the row that best describes your pre-pregnancy body. If you are between sizes we suggest that you focus on your shirt size. Another sizing method is to use a piece of string to measure from the cap of your right shoulder across your body to your left side at the waistline. If it is between 23 and 26 inches we would recommend the Regular size, if between 19 and 23 inches the Petite size, and if between 26 and 28 inches the Long size. Email us if you still have a question.

Shirt Size
5' or less
Less than 100 lbs
101-125 lbs
126-180 lbs
181-225 lbs
250 lbs+
18 plus

Benefits of Using a SlingEZee Sling
There are many reasons why the SlingEZee is the favorite baby item many parents own. Here are several:
  • Bonding: Carrying your baby in a SlingEZee promotes better bonding, as baby is cuddled close to you. The SlingEZee is perfect for discreet,easy breastfeeding in public, and for soothing a fussy or high-need baby.
  • Freedom: The SlingEZee frees up your hands, so you can carry on with your life without sacrificing what your baby so badly needs– your touch.
  • Versatility: There are at least six recommended positions you can use to carry your baby or toddler. These are outlined in the instructional DVD
  • Comfort: Unlike front packs and backpacks, SlingEZee does not stress your lower back. Your baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. The soft, washable fabric is well padded over your shoulder and wherever the sling touches your baby’s torso and legs.
  • Healthy: Most parents are choosing the SlingEZee to support their decision to breastfeed their baby, which is a good and healthy choice!Doctors are recommending baby slings because they provide thorough support for a baby's developing spine. Unlike expensive front pack carriers, a baby sling naturally reclines your baby during the early months of development. Chiropractors recommend slings to parents because the baby's weight is evenly distributed over the hip and shoulder. Lastly, ALL health professionals agree that we need to stop carrying "those plastic buckets". Holding your baby next to your body it is better for you and your baby – and it’s safer.
  • Simplicity: It’s easy to put on or take off, even when your baby has fallen asleep in the sling. Storage is easy, too! It fits quickly into a diaper bag or under a car seat.
  • Quality: The SlingEZee is made from 100% cotton by moms like you. Every seam is checked and every thread is trimmed to deliver a high-quality baby sling which stands apart from other baby carriers.
  • Value: Since the SlingEZee accommodates your baby’s growth, from birth through 35 pounds, it’s the only carrier you will need.

“I love my SlingEZee. I've used it with my 1year old little girl since she was a newborn and with my3 ½ year old son as well! It's versatile, so I cancarry my kids in positions that are more comfortable thanmy Baby Bjorn allowed me to. My son requests to be carriedin the sling and both my kids are so comforted by beingup close and personal with mommy. I snuggle them right intome while leaving my hands free to do the many things I needto do! People stop me all the time to ask me where to getone! A must-have for parents of small children.”

— N. Stowell

"I can't stop singing the praises of my SlingEZee!I wish somebody had told me about it with my first baby...My baby is so content and I can actually keep up with my3 year old with baby close by. I can't imagine life withoutthe sling."

— R. Jones

“Thanks for putting out such a great product!”

— K. Hedegaard

“I can tell you that the SlingEZee is going tochange my life. My daughter is so content in there, andI can eat something now and then! She is preemie, althoughgaining fast, but she is still under 8 lbs. at nearly 6weeks, so a Snuggli isn’t really an option. The slingis so much easier to use and puts a lot less strain on myback. Thanks!”

— L. Ferguson

“A million thank yous. I’m home and alreadyusing the SlingEZee while on the computer. Jonathan is happyand so am I. I am about to go to my lists and tell themall about you.”

— P. Phaneuf

“Thanks for such a wonderful product. You can’tbegin to imagine the wonderful compliments and inquisitivequestions we have received when out and about in our community.”

— B. Engel

“…The SlingEZee has made my life much easierand peaceful. I’m now able to get things done aroundthe house again as she quietly drifts off to sleep. Thebonding is coming along by leaps and bounds as well. Thankyou for making such a great, quality utensil for moms likeme who want to love their children and keep tradition going.”

— W. Montgomery

“I just want to tell you how much my baby girland I are enjoying your wonderful sling! She is 5 monthsold now and has been in the SlingEZee since she was 3 weeksold. She has absolutely loved it from the start. It is socomfortable for both of us and she enjoys coming along withme and seeing the sights. I have tried other baby carriersand your SlingEZee is by far the most comfortable I haveever used.”

— K. Brodie

“I didn’t own a SlingEZee until my fourthbaby. You know, it’s the most important piece of babyequipment I own.”

— B. Porter

5 Stars
Makes life so much easier
I received my Slingezee as a gift 14yrs ago when I had my third child. I am still wearing it with baby #9! And in these 14yrs I have used, washed and put the durability to the test. It has with stood the test! I am returning to buy yet another for a gift. I highly recommend this product.
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Reviewed by:  from TX. on 4/2/2014
5 Stars
Great Sling
I have used several slings but the HAVA is my favorite. The Maya Wrap was my first purchase, the SlingEzee was #2 and the HAVA was #3. My favorite ring sling for around the house is the SlingEzee because of the short tail. When going out and about I would be in a panic without my Ring sling. For me it was a necessity. My son hated his car seat, and would wake up as soon as you stopped the car. So I needed something to help me carry him when I was shopping or doing chores around the house. With help from Rebecca at the store, I learned how to carry my son and how to breastfeed almost anywhere and most of the time no one even knew. I received lots of compliments for style and functionality. I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend (and have done so). The products from Nurtured Family are always great but the customer service is AWESOME as they are like family.
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Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 12/24/2011
5 Stars
My mom used an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder when my sister was born and carried her in it until she was 3. Unfortunately, that brand isn''t made anymore, but I read online that this is the closest sling available to the OTSBH. I''m not a mom myself, but a coworker is having a baby shower and I thought this would be an awesome gift, especially since my mom loved her''s so much. It keeps the baby safe and secure and close to mom (very important for soothing and bonding) while leaving your hands free. Plus you can breastfeed in it and nobody around can tell. I also love that it comes with a DVD that shows how to use it, which is very important to get the full use out of it.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 7/6/2014
5 Stars
Best at baby wearing
This is the sling I used from infant-toddler age. I have a spinal cord injury and wanted to be able to baby wear safely. The extra padding made it the most comfortable to wear and simple to use. For baby gifts, I gift these to new moms.
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Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 4/13/2012
5 Stars
Padding provides support; sizing makes it adjustable
I was choosing between the HAVA (knowing it to be a fantastic sling - comfortable and easy to use) and the SlingEZee. With my back issues, I went for the SlingEZee due to its generous padding. There''s lots of padding at the shoulder and throughout the rails. Most people want light padding, but for me I need the extra padding for much-needed support across my back. It''s a very comfortable sling that I can wear all day. The fact that I can get it in my size (since it comes in 5 sizes) means that I''m able to adjust it as much as I need to (unlike most other padded sling brands). I''m enjoying nursing discreetly no matter where I am - freedom!! LOVE IT!
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Reviewed by:  from New Orleans, LA. on 3/19/2011

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