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ERGObaby Original Carrier

ERGObaby Original Carrier

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The Original ERGObaby Carrier is still an excellent carrier due to its smart ergonomic design, which balances your baby’s weight to your hips and shoulders. Anyone who has used a hiking backpack knows the joy of having weight placed at the hips! The ERGO carrier is easy to use front and back, for newborn babies to age four years old. Unlike some front pack carriers,when worn in front, your baby faces in. This is due to the fact that your baby is being carried correctly to support the growth of their spine! Rather than hanging by the crotch like other front pack carriers, which compresses their spine, your baby rests in a correct sitting position in a pouch.

The ERGO also has several built in accessories. Always handy, tucked away in its pocket, is a hood for your baby’s head. When the sun is bright, shade your baby. When baby falls asleep, pull the hood up for head support. It also has a pocket conveniently placed on the back of the carrier for items such as diapers, hats, or wipes. There are also many standalone accessories available.

Benefits of Using an ERGObaby Carrier
There are many reasons why the ERGO is one of the most comfortable and universal baby carrier available. Here are several:
  • Bonding: Carrying your baby close to you promotes better bonding, as your baby learns trust in you while you meet his or her need for security. Close to mom, baby can nurse freely. As one friend puts it, “I just lower the strap on the side she is nursing on and she just tilts her head and goes to town! She feels very secure and it doesn't cause me any back or shoulder pain!”
  • Freedom: Frees up your hands, so you can carry on with your life without sacrificing what your baby so badly needs – your touch. Light weight to wear and easy to pack.
  • Baby's Health: Ergonomic design supports correct sitting position for baby’s hip/pelvis/spine growth. Baby does not hang by its crotch as with other front pack carriers. In addition, a built-in ‘hood’ provides head support, holding baby’s head in place when sleeping.
  • Value: Since baby can be carried on your front or back up to 40 lbs, this is a great value for its versatility and longevity. Usually fits both parents, as the waist circumference extends from 25” to 43". When needed, the Waist Expander fits into either side of the buckle on the carrier to expand the waist circumference by 8”, from 43” to 51”.
  • Comfort: When properly adjusted, the ERGO takes the weight bearing emphasis off the shoulders and lower back, allowing the parent to feel 'at one' with the baby. Many parents with back and shoulder problems report that this is the only carrier they are able to use. The padded waist belt supports the lumbar area and 1" thick padding provides comfort at the shoulders.
  • Security: The ERGO is more secure than a hard-frame for hiking and walking, due to the fact that it does not throw the parent's equilibrium off. Rather, it hugs the baby close to the parent's torso and makes it easier to maneuver. The ERGO uses buckles made by the best buckle manufacturer in the world. They have been tested to withstand up to 235 lbs. of weight and are made of Nylon, the strongest material for plastic buckles.
  • Easy to Care For: Simply machine wash and dry.
“I just had to write! We received our ERGO Carrier this morning, and my son has been in it all day! I always use a sling and a frame backpack. I came across your carrier while searching for a new backpack. Mine was so bulky and always dug into my shoulders. My neck, shoulders, and back would be killing me after having it on for 10 minutes. I would usually feel so drained and have a headache after wearing it around town. Not to mention, it was hard to bend over with a frame backpack, and I always had to watch out in stores for fear of bumping into things. Your carrier is so amazing. It keeps him so secure and close to me. It is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. My sling tends to hurt my shoulder after a while, and he can easily wiggle out of position in it. I am constantly re-adjusting my sling for a good fit. The ERGO is replacing my sling and backpack. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. Great price for such a valuable carrier!”

— J. Howell

"I received my ERGO today. To tell you that I'm thrilled with it would be an understatement. My son is 13 months old and has been slung since about 4 weeks (when I finally figured out the Maya). I honestly do not know how many slings I currently own. I figured out the ERGO very quickly, despite not having success with a previous back carrier. And as soon as I put him in, we took off. Literally. We went for a walk, I took him to the park--I had no problems or fear putting him in. And he actually enjoyed it!! It is also so comfortable. I really cannot begin to describe how comfortable it is. Thank you for a great product."

— A. Donaldson

“We love the carrier. It fits me at 5'3," 110lbs, and fits DH at 6'10," and 260 lbs! Rory is 25 lbs and 33 inches long and completely comfortable, too. Thank you so much!”

— M. Stahl

"I love The ERGO Baby Carrier as my daughter Avryl (14 months old) is happy being in it. I had been struggling with the transition from carrying her on my front, to carrying her on my back. I noticed immediately how much more comfortable The ERGO Baby Carrier was for me when I put it on than other hard frame packs I have tried, most notably how I could feel both my pelvis moving as well as Avryl's movement, she felt so light! As a Feldenkrais Practitioner I can appreciate how healthy this carrier is for both myself and Avryl--we are sensing each other's movement. She loves when I skip or even do a little run along the trail when we go hiking and falls asleep so easily in this carrier."

— K. Hart

"Out of the nine baby carriers and slings I have used, The ERGO Baby Carrier is the best design and most functionally sound. "

— A. Wertheim

"I am thrilled with the carrier. It is attractive and very well-made. My husband says he would feel quite comfortable wearing it (ie. it's not too "girly"!). But most importantly, it is extraordinarily comfortable. My 6-month old-son weighs 18 pounds, and I have tried using the Slingeeze, the New Native, the Baby Bjorn, a hand made sling, and nothing has been comfortable for my aching lower back and neck. I am so happy I found this carrier. I carry my son around while I do chores, and am even planning on wearing him to work on Friday in my acupuncture practice. I am very, very happy. Oh, and I love the fact that it is eminently transportable and compact when folded up! Thank you again."

— H. Morris

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love the carrier! It is so comfortable, and for the first time I am able to carry my daughter without sore shoulders (which is rare at 20 pounds and six months of age)! Thanks."

— J. Weintraub

5 Stars
Have it, love it
I''ve had this ERGO since before my baby was even born. He came out 10+ pounds and I''ve used it since he was a few days old (with the infant insert!) without problems. He loves being in it and is sometimes the only thing that will comfort him. I''ve worn my ERGO for long periods of time, short periods of time, indoors, outdoors, walking, shopping, doing dishes, cleaning, and more! Never a problem. When my son was about 4 months old, I removed the extra bump in the infant insert. When he was about 7 months, I think, we removed the infant insert completely. My husband and I can both wear the baby and can change from his size to my size quickly and easily. When the baby was young, he would scream when I put him down in order to put on the ERGO, but it was totally worth it once he was inside it. Recently we''ve starting using the back carry for the baby. He loves it! He''s not quite big enough to see up over our shoulders yet, but he can look out the sides just fine. The back carry is much more convenient so that I have full range of motion in my arms while baby still feels safe and secure. I would definitely recommend this carrier to any mom. I''ve even tried my 38 poudn 5 year old in it and it works just fine. This is a must-have for shopping, walking, hanging out, and doing anything while baby needs to nap and you need to move around!
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Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 10/18/2012
4 Stars
Great carrier
This carrier is great. Have actually used it on my 3 week old baby with no problems. It does feel very comfortable carrying her in it and I felt no strain or discomfort in my back, etc. after having her in it for more than 4 hours! I initially had no trouble putting it on myself, but after I adjusted and tightened the straps to really support her and fit it to my body I struggled fastening both straps alone and needed my husbands assistance. Don''t know how this will work when I need to take her shopping and am alone with her without assistance with the straps. In terms of comfort, she slept the entire time and was really supported by the infant insert I also purchased. I had to take her out and awaken her for a feeding and diaper!
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Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 12/15/2011
3 Stars
Made in China
I did like this carrier for quality and function, but since there are other carriers out there around the same price that are made in the USA, I can''t recommend this one.
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Reviewed by:  from New Mexico. on 2/24/2011
5 Stars
Highly recommend!
I cannot believe I never came across an Ergo before! Not until a good friend recommended it did I research it and fell in love. When I bought it and put my baby in it for the first time he feel asleep within 10 minutes!! Very comfortable on the shoulders...so much better than a Bjorn. Wish I had this six kids ago though...
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Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 2/23/2011
5 Stars
Best Carrier!
Love our Ergo! We had a Bjorn and I couldn''t even wear it for more than 10mins with my daughter that was only 12lbs. The Ergo is comfortable, doesn''t hurt my shoulders or back which is a must when you have back problems, like myself. Love the versatility of it being a front pack, hip pack and back pack. I recommend to everyone and everyone I know has one!
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Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. on 2/23/2011

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