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About Us

Our FamilyWelcome to Nurtured Family! We are a family owned business focused on bringing you quality products that have helped nurture our own family. Our goal is to offer products in line with our core values – nurturing spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We strive to exceed the expectations of each customer, because providing tools to promote stronger families is more important to us than making a sale.

In order to work together as a family Mark left a career in high-tech to support our business, desiring to have more time at home to be a husband and father. Rebecca provides support to the business, but focuses on her role as wife and home schooling mother. It's exciting for us to be doing something meaningful to us, but not at all where we would have expected to be if you'd asked us fifteen years ago! Though a Computer Science major, Rebecca soaked up all the psychology she could in college. Seeds were planted through Psychology and Early Childhood Development courses that bloomed through our experiences in birth and child rearing. Reading “The Baby Book” by Dr. Sears struck a chord while pregnant with our first son. The idea of supplying a lot of loving touch through baby wearing and breastfeeding just made sense. We’ve felt the benefits in our family, and desire to pass those along.

Thank you, and enjoy your time visiting Nurtured Family!